How to Weight chart data in PowerPoint

To make the research results more accurate and correct the unequal probabilities of the sample base, researchers often have to weight the data during the analysis. Weighting is statistical technique researchers use to make samples match the population.

For example, you have researched the subject preference among the students, where 70% of respondents were males, and 30% were female. To re-balance the sample base, you have to weight down 70% of males and weight up 30% of females to 50%. In the Chartrics Chart Maker area, you can easily weight your data by dragging and dropping a weight variable (already available in your data set) onto the Weight shelf. Once the weight variable is applied to your crosstab, you can instantly show the calculated result on a PowerPoint chart.


Required Condition* A Weight variable, available in the dataset.


  1. In Chart Maker, drag a Weight variable and drop it onto the Weight field
  2. Click Apply

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.