Chart Maker

Market research reporting is not only about preparing a nice-looking presentation but delivering meaningful information through it. That is why researchers often have to use Excel or the latest BI tools to analyze the data and make insightful charts. However, this approach reduces the flexibility for those who bring the charts into a PowerPoint presentation one by one since it is very time-consuming and error-prone.

To avoid the above-described issues, Chartrics provides researchers with an easy-to-use chart-making tool integrated into Microsoft PowerPoint. With Chart Maker, you can create PowerPoint charts from raw data (Excel, CSV, SPSS) and calculated Excel data within seconds. In addition, you can create crosstabulations with the drag-and-drop function, filter, sort, format the data, and instantly apply the changes on PowerPoint charts.

Datasets uploaded into Chartrics Cloud and linked to PowerPoint charts through Chart Maker create reliable links between them. This means that all data manipulations done with Chartrics will be saved to the Cloud and automatically applied to the new PowerPoint presentation when you update it with the new data.


Create Charts


Clean and Shape the Data

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.