How to Add Users to Chartrics and Grant Them Access Rights

If you are a team of researchers who work on the same study, Chartrics provides you with one centralized workplace where all the information can be easily shared and collaborated on.

When you sign up to Chartrics Cloud by yourself, you automatically become the Account Owner and can invite your teammates to your projects. You can add as many users as you need and grant them corresponding access permissions.



  1. Go to your Account Settings > User Setup > Users
  2. Click on the + Add User button > fill in the required fields
  3. Select a Profile for the existing Accounts or Projects (if available)
  4. Click Add


Grant Different Access Levels to Users

You can grant access to the objects in Chartrics Cloud by giving different permission rights (called Profiles) to the users. Profiles define to which objects (Accounts/Projects) users can have access and what they can and can't do within the platform. To do so, you can apply Chartrics standard user profiles to the list of existing accounts and projects OR create your custom Profiles in the Profile Tab.

Chartrics provides the following standard Profile types:

- Company Admin

The Company Admin profile gives global access to all the accounts and projects in Chartrics and the ability to add new users to the team.

- Account Manager

Users with Account Manager profile can access and manage the information of specific Accounts and all the associated Projects. They can assign users to all the related Projects within the Account they manage.

- Project Manager

Users with the Project Manager profile can access and manage specific Projects. They can assign users only to those Projects to which they are assigned as Project Manager.

- Read Only

Read-Only profile allows users to see the information about Accounts and Projects without modifying the data.

- Deny

Deny closes down all types of access to the objects in Chartrics Cloud.



  1. From User Setup > go to Users’ tab > select or add a new user
  2. Assign a Profile to that user for the existing Accounts or Projects (if available) > Save

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