How to Create a Multilevel PowerPoint Chart with Raw Data

To find the relationship between two or more variables, researchers usually create crosstabulations, which is one of the most useful analytical methods in market research reporting. It is mainly used for statistical analysis to discover patterns and trends through the survey data. As a researcher, you may do crosstabulations using different tools such as Microsoft Excel, SPSS, or other BI tools.

For example, in Excel, you need to create pivot tables for each chart separately, which is not the most efficient way of creating multiple crosstabs. 

With Chartrics Chart Maker, you can save up to 70% of your working time on crosstabulations. Easily cross two or more variables by dragging and dropping them into the row and column shelves and instantly apply the result to your PowerPoint charts.



  1. In PowerPoint, go to Chartrics Add-in > Insert a chart > right-click on it > select Chart Maker
  2. From the top-left corner of the Chart Maker canvas, select or upload a dataset. Drag variables from the data pane and drop them onto the Row and Column shelves > Click Apply

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.