How to Convert Measure to Dimension

When you connect a dataset to Chartrics, it automatically assigns all the variables that contain only numeric information to Measures on the data pane.  But, in some cases, variables consisting of numbers such as respondents' age may need to be converted into dimensions simply because they show categorical information. You can easily convert numeric variables into dimensions in the Chart Maker data pane before applying them to PowerPoint charts.


Note* Only in those cases when the variables contain a combination of numeric and categorical information (text, string), Chartrics assigns them to Dimensions.



  1. In Chart Maker, right-click on a Measure variable in the Data pane > Convert to Dimension
  2. In the Convert to Dimension dialog box, under New Variable Name, type a new name
  3. Define optimal Cutpoints for the measure
  4. Under Range Endpoint edit endpoints > under Title edit category names > Convert

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.