Create and Analyze your Crosstabs Right in PowerPoint

How much time do you spend creating and analyzing your cross-tabulations? It may take even longer when you visualize the results on PowerPoint charts.

Forget analyzing data in one tool and visualizing it in another.  Chartrics helps you to complete your analysis in PowerPoint and cut the time spent in half.

Create and Analyze your Crosstabs right in PowerPoint

Easy to Use

Use the drag and drop interface to create a crosstab and get data insights within seconds.

In case you need the same crosstab for different regions or age groups, Chartrics will automatically generate multiple charts filtered by the selected variable categories.

Drag and Drop Chart Maker

Filtering and Sorting

To get highly specific data query results use different filtering options available in Chartrics. Use conditional filters to get deeper insights, select top or bottom options to identify the outliers, and instantly apply to PPT charts.

Have a hard time reordering data labels on PowerPoint charts? Use multiple sorting rules in Chartrics to get the desired view. If the available options do not meet your needs just use manual sorting to set the variable categories in the right order.

Filtering and Sorting

Easily Manipulate and Format Crosstabs

Need to compare all the positive and negative answers for a Likert scale question or show the filtered outliers in one group? Use the Chartrics Group and Replace function to easily merge the answer options you want.

To show answer options differently on chart labels, you can create aliases (alternative names) for dimension categories with no effort. Meanwhile, if you want to highlight certain values to stand out in your PPT report use Chartrics conditional formatting.  The dynamic formatting rules will automatically highlight the value ranges that meet the predefined criteria.

Easily Manipulate and Format Crosstabs

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.