How to do Conditional Formatting of Charts in PowerPoint

When creating a report, sometimes you want your client to pay attention to specific numbers which matter more. Therefore, you may need conditional formatting functions to emphasize certain values, columns, or rows on your charts. If you are using Microsoft PowerPoint, you probably know that you should do it in Excel or other software in advance and copy-paste the chart into the PowerPoint. Unfortunately, this process is time-consuming and issue-oriented and works only if you paste the charts as pictures.


To save time and provide you with advanced formatting options right in PowerPoint, you only need to install the Chartrics add-in.

To download the Chartrics add-in go to and follow the simple installation steps. Once installed, the add-in will automatically appear on your PowerPoint ribbon.



Now let's figure out how to format your chart on PowerPoint using the Chartrics add-in.

  1. To start working with Chartrics, first, you need to save a presentation to My Projects: For that, open the desired presentation from your computer > click the Save button on the Chartrics ribbon > Select the Folder with your username > Add a Project > and save the PPT.
  2. Then upload a dataset from your computer under the same Project. For that, click Add Data button on the Chartrics ribbon > select the dataset format > select the Project > and click Browse.
Note* To use Conditional Formatting in Chartrics, your Dataset should be a raw data file, in columns and rows.


  1. Now, when your presentation and the dataset are in the same folder, open the presentation from My Projects and insert a chart (or select a chart if you already have one on the slide).
  2. Right-click on the selected chart and go to Chart Maker.
  3. From the Datasets dropdown menu, select the dataset you uploaded.
  4. Drag and drop the variables onto Row and Column.
  5. From the left side menu, click on the "Conditional Formatting" icon, and in the pop-up window, click on the "New Rule" button.
  6. Under Apply to > select one of the available options > select Category > select the Condition > set the Value > Choose Number Color or Cell Background Color > OK
  7. To see the results on the PPT chart click the OK button at the bottom right corner.


Check the tutorial video here.

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.