Step 2. Create a PowerPoint Presentation with Raw Data

To start creating a report, follow the steps below to install the Chartrics add-in for PowerPoint:

  1. Go to Chartrics Cloud and click on the Download PowerPoint add-in button
  2. Follow the basic installation steps


Start building a report

When the PowerPoint add-in is installed, save the current presentation to the Chartrics Cloud:

  1. Go to the Chartrics tab in the PowerPoint ribbon
  2. Sign in using the same credentials for the Cloud
  3. Click on the Save icon from the Chartrics toolbar
  4. Select an Account > select a Project > Save
Note* If you don't see any Account or Project to save the presentation, you can quickly create it by pressing the +Add New Account button in the Save to Cloud dialog box.


Connect the data to PowerPoint charts

Now, link the data from Chartrics Cloud to a PowerPoint chart:

  1. Click on the Charts or Graphs icon to insert the right chart type
  2. Once inserted, right-click on the chart and select Chart Maker
  3. From the top-left corner of the Chart Maker canvas, select the available dataset
  4. Drag variables and drop them onto the Row and Column shelves > Click Apply
Note* You can build your report using the Sample data or the data you uploaded into the Chartrics cloud. In case you face any difficulties with your data, contact our Support.

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