How to Automatically Generate Multiple Slides with Filtered Variable Categories

Addressing Microsoft PowerPoint automation limitations, Chartrics designed another handy automation tool called Repeater. Why and when may you need this feature?

Imagine you have researched the consumption of soft drinks, candies, and nuts of different brands for one of the supermarket chains. Now, to show the respondents' preference for the above-mentioned goods in different regions, you have to analyze and create slides for each region separately. Here, the Repeater function is what you need to stop doing it manually.

Instead of creating separate slides for each region, you can make one containing general information about all of them. Afterward, with the help of the Repeater, automatically reproduce that slide for each region by assigning the “Region” variable as a repeater. As a result, you will have multiple slides with charts filtered by each category of the “Region” variable.

Likewise, you can assign up to 3 variables as a repeater and show the respondents' preference charts by “Region” and, for example, “Age” and “Gender” in a hierarchical structure.



  1. Select the slide you want to repeat by categories of a variable > from the Chartrics toolbar click on the Repeater button
  2. In the Repeater dialog box, from the Select Dataset drop-down menu, select a data set > under Variable column select variables (up to 3) > under Categories column select categories for which you want to repeat the same slide > then under Apply to column set the repeater hierarchy either on Value, Total, Both (Value and Total), or Ignore > Click Save
  3. Click on the Merge Field button to add variable categories as titles of the repeated slides
  4. Click on Generate button to reproduce the slides
Note* If you want to repeat several slides in the same presentation at once, you must first assign repeater variables to each slide and save, then click on Generate.

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.