How to Automatically Update Excel Tables in PowerPoint Slides

Researchers often build their market research reports with the calculated Excel data and update the PowerPoint charts when the data is changed. To do that, they link the data from Excel to PowerPoint charts using the corresponding Paste options to keep the chart linked to the original worksheet. This is the best way when the data changes regularly, and you always need your chart to reflect the latest numbers in the Excel sheet.

However, this approach is error-prone and slow, especially when it comes to meeting the deadlines for work. Excel broken links are one of the most common barriers that researchers face while working with spreadsheets. The main reasons causing broken links in excel may be the deleted, relocated, or damaged source workbooks. This is why researchers must either re-copy the Excel information they need to display on the slide and re-paste the link or repair each link individually.

To avoid the above-described painful processes, you can use Chartrics Chart Maker to easily connect the data from Excel to PowerPoint Charts and refresh them using Recalculate button when the source workbook is updated. The main advantage of Chartrics is that it links the data to PowerPoint charts through a secure Cloud, thus ensuring a fast and error-free update process.


Required Condition* Both PowerPoint presentation and Excel files should be stored in Chartrics Cloud and linked through the Chart Maker.



  1. Open the PowerPoint report that is linked to an Excel file
  2. From the Chartrics toolbar, click on the Report Update drop-down menu > Select Recalculate

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.