How to Create a PowerPoint Chart with Calculated Excel Data

If you have some calculated data in Excel and need to build a presentable report, you probably need to turn your Excel data into PowerPoint charts. The most common practice is to create charts in Excel and copy-paste them into PowerPoint slides one by one. Moreover, if you need to link the data back to an Excel sheet, you have to use the corresponding paste option, which lets you update the data in PowerPoint when the source Excel file is updated.

Chartrics Excel add-in provides you with a totally new method to link your calculated tables from Excel to PowerPoint charts. You don't have to create charts in Excel then copy-paste them to PowerPoint slides. Instead, just select a cell or table range and save them to the Chartrics table library (Cloud). Once you have all the tables selected and saved in the Cloud, you can easily connect them to PowerPoint charts with the help of a drag-and-drop Chart Maker integrated into PowerPoint.


With this method, you link your PowerPoint charts back to the Excel file through the secure Cloud and can refresh them whenever the data in the source file is updated.


  1. Open Excel file from the Chartrics Cloud OR save the local Excel file into Cloud
  2. Click on the Quick Add button to select a cell or range in Excel
  3. Name the selected cell or table > Save
  4. Go to PowerPoint > Insert a chart > click on the Chart Maker
  5. From the top left corner of the chart making canvas, go to the Workbook tab > select the Excel you were working on
  6. Drag and drop the tables into the chart making area > Apply

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.