DataPlay as a Data Analytics Tool

Sarah Dukes
12 MAR 2018

Categories:DataPlay | Data Analysis | Data Visualization


Data Analytics (also known as Data Analysis) is the process of examining datasets in order to collect useful information. Organizations use various data analytics tools to increase their productivity and profit, as well as gain insights into customer behavior.


Do analytics tools matter and why researchers need them?

Researchers’ biggest challenge is to optimize the work with unstructured data from different sources and in different formats. They are in search of data collecting, cleaning, analyzing and visualizing all-in-one tool. Improving decision making process and enhancing business performance is one the main goals of any business. Modern data analytics tools increase data collection speed and allow companies to reach their targets faster. With the right tools, organizations can drive new revenue and have an advantage over their competitors. Data and analytics cannot replace people and their passion to succeed, but they can definitely provide tools to optimize performance.


DataPlay as a Data Analytics Tool

With DataPlay, we make your data tell the story.

DataPlay is a complete software solution helping researchers automate data cleaning, analysis and visualization process. It allows users to automate their business intelligence (BI) tasks involving processing, reporting and presenting relevant data.


DataPlay is all-in-one solution for the whole research cycle:

  • Analysis
  • Visualization
  • Presentation


DataPlay consists of Web Portal (Cloud), the main environment for client and project management, Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel Add-Ins.


Using DataPlay Cloud, you can collaborate online with your colleagues and clients all over the world. Once data is collected, you just need to upload the dataset and then create a template. Using the dataset and the template, you will be able to automatically generate hundreds of slides with the filtered analysis for various groups.


DataPlay PowerPoint Add-In has two main working modes: 

  • Template Mode for creating template-based presentations
  • Presentation Mode for editing presentations


Template Mode allows users to define analysis and presentation structure while data is being collected and then automatically generate slides once the final data is available. In template Mode, you work with virtual variables that later will be mapped with real variables when generating an actual presentation.


Presentation Mode automates recalculation of new data and allows to change data source with one click.


DataPlay Excel Add-In is used to analyze data. It allows users to define the calculation logic for virtual variables in Template Mode or for real variables in Presentation Mode.


Combination of DataPlay’s data analysis features with industry standard environment of Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel makes DataPlay Add-Ins an indispensable tool for data analysts and researchers everywhere.

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.