Margasoft Team Releases DataPlay PowerPoint and Excel Add-Ins!

Sarah Dukes
22 JUN 2015

Categories:PowerPoint | Excel | DataPlay


Margasoft Corp. is happy to announce the release of its two new Client components: PowerPoint and Excel Add-Ins.


No one can dispute that PowerPoint (PPT) is the most popular presentation tool. Despite extensive usage, the most cited complain among researchers is that it takes too much time to produce PPT reports manually.


Our team decided not to reinvent the wheel, but to fill the automation gap.


Industry Standard + Automation

DataPlay PowerPoint (PPT) Add-In effectively combines industry standard presentation creation environment with the power to automatically visualize different types of data. DataPlay PPT Add-In has two main working modes: Template mode and Presentation mode. Template mode allows to create the analysis and visualization structure of your presentation beforehand which saves time and resources. Moreover, by assigning iterators or repeater variables to your slides, you can easily generate hundreds of PPT slides without load of manual work.


No Manual Work

Thanks to Presentation mode of PPT Add-In, you no longer need to copy and paste the calculations done in other statistical analysis software to PPT data sheets. All you have to do is to select the PPT visuals and DataPlay will directly connect them to your data. As all your charts stay connected to your data, the automation of repetitive studies becomes a one-click task with DataPlay.


PowerPoint & Excel Add-Ins Integration

Moreover, PPT Add-In is seamlessly integrated with DataPlay Excel Add-In, which further reinforces its statistical analysis capabilities. DataPlay Excel Add-In supplements Excel’s industry standard calculation functions with ability perform crossings, apply filters and calculated columns on the fly.


Safe in Cloud

Last but not least, DataPlay Client components connect to DataPlay Cloud – central computing and storage facility of DataPlay applications – for data retrieval and online collaboration.

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.