Margasoft Releases DataPlay 15.10

Sarah Dukes
18 SEPT 2015



Margasoft team is happy to announce the release of DataPlay 15.10 version.


This release provides with more efficient solutions for researchers thanks to some key enhancements.


Save Time & Be More Productive

All administration functions of Web Portal are now implemented in DataPlay’s PowerPoint Add-In. With this management functionality now available from within PowerPoint Add-In, you can assign certain user rights, control security and communicate diverse projects and presentations without need to enter DataPlay Web Portal. Thus, you can significantly save your time and be more productive by administering your analysis, visualization and presentation needs from one centralized space.


Direct Data Upload

Another prominent improvement of PowerPoint Add-In is its ability to upload data directly from PowerPoint without using Analyzer. Now users can automatically update many tables and charts with the new version of SPSS data in one step and easily visualize the changes through a rich set of industry standard and customizable charts.


More Dynamic Analysis

Chart data management function is now available from within PPT. Due to it there is no longer a need to open Excel data sheets to do crossing and sorting for your charts data. This feature will make analysis more dynamic and enable researchers to save their time on manual work by empowering them to analyze SPSS data directly in PowerPoint.


License Management Feature

Last but not least, management functionalities of PowerPoint Add-In are enriched with license management feature. It allows to browse number of connections, projects as well as total limitations and expiration date of licensing.

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.