DataPlay Suite Receives 2 Business Intelligence Software Recognitions from Platform for SaaS Reviews

Sarah Dukes
5 JAN 2018



DataPlay Suite’s thrust to provide a reliable technology business process automation software was recently acknowledged by leading B2B software directory FinancesOnline. Impressed with our end-to-end features after their experts conducted an extensive review of Data Play Suite, the reputable software directory bestowed us its Great User Experience and Rising Star distinctions for 2017.


The Great User Experience and Rising Star awards for business intelligence software are reserved for systems that have satisfied clients through its intuitive interface and well-designed features. FinancesOnline detailed why DataPlay Suite was deserving of both awards, stating that our solution provides users with an “integrated suite of smart and intuitive applications that are built to fully automate research, data analysis, and visualization tasks and workflows.” Due to DataPlay’s efficient automation, users can significantly eliminate up to 75 percent of their time spent on creating data presentations at a very reasonable cost for business intelligence software.


FinancesOnline’s praises extends to DataPlay Suite’s wide array of support devices, “plethora of visualization options,” and its “powerful analyzer tool” that can “uncover trends, patterns, and regularities.”


DataPlay Suite isn’t limited to business process automation, as our suite includes tools that can boost one’s productivity. “This suite includes a plethora of systems and tools designed to bolster the productivity of users, thanks to powerful features like integrated project management, team and client collaboration, dynamic data authorization, automated slide generation, intelligence data transformation, and more,” wrote FinancesOnline.


These awards and positive remarks has earned us a spot in FinencasOnline benefits of business intelligence software guide. With this, we can proudly say that DataPlay Suite brings business process automation to the next level.

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