DataPlay Cloud Software Presented in Yerevan

Sarah Dukes
3 MAR 2016



On February 29, 2016 Margasoft Corp. hosted a DataPlay workshop at Hyatt Place Hotel, Yerevan, Armenia. The workshop ignited and continued in a warm, interactive and collaborative atmosphere with the top market researchers in Armenia.


During the workshop Margasoft business analysts presented DataPlay software suite, demonstrated its practical implementation in research data analysis and visualization. The practical case studies stood to validate the key advantages of this cloud-based software system for managing and analyzing research data and automating presentation creation process.


With the help of DataPlay, researchers will have an opportunity to analyze data correctly, collaborate effectively, make visually rich presentations and present them. With implementation of DataPlay researchers will drastically reduce the time spent on research data analysis and visualization process, as well as will be able to start the analytical and reporting activities while the fieldwork is still in progress. Our users report 50%-80% reduction of time spent on visualization and manual, repetitive work once they switched to DataPlay.


We received warm and great feedback from all attendees. During Q&A we received some challenging and very industry-relevant questions which highlighted the fact that the attendees are the industry's top professionals. Although DataPlay came short of some helpful features attendees requested, they still found that using DataPlay will add a great amount of efficiency in their day-to-day research process. We can surely announce that whatever we do in DataPlay has a great demand not only among US and European research market but also among researchers in Armenia.


Before being presented in Armenia, DataPlay already succeeded in the USA and Europe.


The goal of demo presentation in Armenia was to encourage the use of automation software products in marketing sphere in Armenia, and to understand the requirements of local professionals.


All participants of DataPlay demo were provided with free accounts and now are exploring the benefits of centralized data management, automation and visualization features assured by DataPlay software suite.

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