DataPlay Bowling Version Released!

Sarah Dukes
17 AUG 2016



With the release of DataPlay Bowling version (15.11) your experience using DataPlay will be optimized with the following new features in DataPlay Add-in and Web Portal:


New functionalities

DataPlay Add-in now has 3 new functionalities: 'Copy' to duplicate, 'Save as' to snapshot and 'Edit' file name functionality.


Quick Start Guide

If users need some help while navigating on Add-in, now they can look at the Quick Start Guide, which has been added to the Help Menu.


Role, User and License Management

As far as everything is centralized in DataPlay, users now can access Role, User and License management: the Add-In Setup tab navigation will automatically log the user in to the Web Portal. This function allows for more focused and one-source administration.


Table Chart

The table chart is retained during generation.


Saving not Required

Saving is not required for newly created files; instead of changing modes, the user can create a new template or presentation.


Dynamic Management Role

In DataPlay application the management role is now dynamic.


Users’ Privacy

For users’ privacy, there have been improvements made in security, as well as in the licensing model.


Supportive Texts

Supportive descriptive texts on the administrative web pages help users learn to use and navigate the portal more easily.

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