Analyzer – New Component of DataPlay Suite Released!

Sarah Dukes
10 AUG 2015



Margasoft is happy to announce the release of a new component of DataPlay Suite - Analyzer. DataPlay Analyzer is a desktop application which provides comprehensive solutions for effective datasource conversion and management.


Dataset Import to DataPlay Cloud

With DataPlay Analyzer users can import SPSS Statistics, SPSS Data Collection and Utab data formats to DataPlay Cloud. This allows smooth access to your data from all DataPlay applications. Additionally, the ability to upload datasources to centralized storage facility empowers your authorized team members to work with the same data and contribute to your analysis.


Datasource Management

With this functionality of Analyzer users can create and merge categories of a variable into new different variables as well as quickly assign weights and default bases to data sets. Moreover, for later simplicity of analysis users are enabled to group variables into folders with hierarchical structure and different components corresponding to their research questions.

Automatically update all your PowerPoint charts with the new data in 15 seconds.